Individual Development



Mansfield Women of Today provides its members with opportunities for personal growth and development.  At select monthly General Meetings, we offer educational programs about topics ranging from fitness and nutrition to personal finance and retirement planning.  Additionally, we plan many social events. Some events may geared toward learning a new skill such as flower arrangement, pizza making, or self defense.  Other social events might involve a fun evening spent socializing while supporting a charitable cause or creating an art masterpiece or going bowling.  There are so many opportunities to allow everyone to hang out, relax, share some laughs and get to know one another.

Our most popular Individual Development Activities include the infamous Tropical GM in July, Salad Supper GM in August and the Holiday GM in December.  This is a time we can celebrate our past successes and brainstorm for new ideas while celebrating the time of year with our fellow members.  During the other times of the year we engage in activities to improve our skills, or listen to speakers.


Some Pictures to Enjoy From the Past…..




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