Mansfield Women of Today (MWOT) is a local chapter of  the Massachusetts Women of Today.  MWOT contributes to the betterment of our community while providing leadership, training and personal enrichment opportunities for all of our members.

MWOT was founded 1985.  Since then, our members have produced and planned a wide range of community projects and fundraisers, as well as provide opportunities for personal growth and development.

We, the United States Women of Today,
are dedicated to serving our communities and nation,
are committed to strengthening our individual talents,
and stand united by our friendship and belief in the future.
Membership is open to any person who is at least 18 years of age, who is interested in volunteer service, open to forming new friendships, and committed to personal growth.  The United States Women of Today, our parent organization, has over 3,600 members in 16 states nationwide. The United States Women of Today and its local chapters have no political or religious affiliations.   Membership dues are $30 which support administrative costs of the local, state and national chapters.  Please contact Terry Becker, Membership VP, at (781) 844 5595  or mansfield.wot@gmail.com if you would like further information.